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vRanger 6.0 – Installation and Upgrade Guide

Virtual Machine Backup and Replication

Last revised: 10/26/2012
System Requirements And Compatibility
Supported Platforms
Virtual Machine Backup and Replication
ESX(i) Server1
VCB integration is not supported in this release.

For basic backup and replication functions, vRanger supports any Guest OS that is supported by VMware. For a complete list, see VMware’s Guest Operating System Installation Guide. For specific feature-level requirements, refer to the “System Requirements” chapter in the vRanger Installation and Upgrade Guide.

The vStorage API components used for Hot Add backup, restore, and replication are not supported by vSphere Standard licensing. To use Hot Add, you must have either vSphere Enterprise or Enterprise Plus licensing.
vRanger’s backup and replication functionality requires the ability to create a snapshot. In certain circumstances, the creation of VM snapshots is not supported by VMware. In these cases, backup and replication of these VMs or disks is not possible. Some common examples are:


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