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Toad for Oracle 12.1 – Guide to Using Toad for Oracle

Generating XML Output

Last revised: 9/5/2013
Chapter 2: Toad Without Code
Use the Master Detail Browser
Generating XML Output

You can generate XML output from a master-detail relationship. From the master-detail grids, you can send a query to the Editor that will generate the output. Output will be created in XML Form, one XML document per row.

This feature is available only in Oracle 9iR2 and newer, and when the Master-Detail relationship consists of one master and one detail.

To generate XML output

  1. From the Master Detail browser, open or create a relationship that consists of one Master and one detail.
  2. Right-click on the master grid, and select Send XMLGEN Query to Editor.
  3. Switch to the Editor window in Toad.
  4. Execute the query to generate XML output.

    Toad creates an XML document for each row in the master dataset, with each XML document containing all corresponding detail rows.

To save XML output to disk

  1. Right-click on the Editor grid and choose Export BLOBs (longs, raws).
  2. Select the XMLDATA column from the Export this Column drop down.
  3. Enter or select a directory where you want the files stored in the Export Path box.
  4. Select the method of naming your files:
    • Use sequentially numbered files
    • Export to files named for the value in this column (select the column)
  5. Click OK.



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