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Social Migrator 1.0 – Quick Start Guide

Migrate: Activities

Last revised: 5/16/2013
Step-By-Step Walkthrough
Migrate: Activities
Target Site: Your first task is to select the SharePoint site that you will be migrating the activities to. The easiest way to accomplish this is to use Social Migrator for SharePoint's SharePoint server browser. Click the browse button ... and navigate the SharePoint Virtual Servers, Sites, and Sub-Sites (Web Pages). Select the desired Site.
Site Template: SharePoint template to be used during the creation of the new site. The default is ’Blank Site.’
Map Permissions: Select this option if you want permissions to be set on the target site. Use of this option requires that you configure the User Mapping Settings described above.
Delete all existing records in target list: Select this option if you to remove all records from the target lists before migrating new content. This option is helpful when running the same migration task more than once, but should be used with caution when targeting production sites where other users may have added or changed things.


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