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SharePlex 7.6.3 – Administrator Guide

Using the SpUtils utility

Last revised: 3/23/2012
SharePlex Utilities
Using the SpUtils utility
On Windows systems, SharePlex provides the SpUtils utility, which enables you to start SharePlex and run select management utilities from one interface.
To run SpUtils, double-click the SpUtils shortcut on the Windows desktop.
Click the Start button on the Windows taskbar, then select Programs and navigate to SpUtils in the SharePlex programs group. The SharePlex Utilities dialog box appears.
Click the Information tab to view information about the system where SharePlex is installed and about the SharePlex version and environment.
Click the SharePlex Services tab to install, start, stop, or remove a SharePlex service (instance of SharePlex). For more information about running SharePlex, see Chapter 3. For more information about installing and removing the SharePlex service, see the SharePlex Installation and Demonstration Guide.
Click the OraSetup tab to run the OraSetup utility, which establishes an Oracle account for SharePlex and installs database objects necessary for replication. For more information about running OraSetup, see page 392.
Click the OraCleanSp tab to run the OraCleanSp utility, which removes the current replication environment. For more information about running OraCleanSp, see page 421.
Click the License Key tab to view, add, or change the SharePlex license key for an instance of SharePlex, and to view the machine ID number associated with the license key. For more information about managing license keys, see page 426.
Click the TaskMgr tab to run the Windows Task Manager with special privileges so that you can terminate SharePlex processes or set their priority. You cannot terminate SharePlex processes or set process priority through the regular Windows Task Manager because the NuTCRACKER environment controls the SharePlex processes.
The dialog box displays only the SharePlex processes, filtering out other processes on the system. To terminate a process or set its priority, right-click the process name in the dialog box, then select either End Process or Set Priority (shown below).


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